Warehouse Views with Michael Levine

January 19th, 2012

DPJ visits with Michael Levine, the outspoken visionary behind several rehabbed historic buildings in Phoenix’s Warehouse District, including Bentley Projects, the Duce, and Levine Machine. Levine takes us inside a couple of his buildings, shares his unique vision of why they were worth saving, and extols the value of what he calls “industrial archaeology.”

Thanks to Michael Levine of Levine Machine, and videographer Gregory Harshfield.

  • http://MichaelFrancisMcNally(Facebook) Michael McNally

    Having lived in the downtown area for 5 or 6 years and a Phoenician for 62, I’ve seen many changes. I am on Social Security and I have been desperate for any activities to keep my mind active. I consider myself creative, having worked at the Phoenix Art Museum for 19 years. I’ve made numerous overtures to Mr.Levine through a contact close to him volunteering my skills and talents, to no avail. I am at a loss as to why free, gratis, volunteer, no charge are seemingly foreign words..

    • http://tdhurst.com Tyler Hurst

      Are you cool? That’s a serious question.